day 7

It hardly seems possible that it’s only been a week.  I’m so tired. The weeks devoid of productivity and higher cortical activity as a carefree fourth year have made this a transition a real shock to the system.

I closed on a home. I’m a homeowner. That whole process has been good preparation for feeling overwhelmed and clueless all the time. I know nothing about  ignition systems in modern water heaters, garbage disposal repairs, or smoke detector installation. I don’t even own a ladder. That being said, my neighbors are wonderfully kind. I’ve received fresh home-grown fruit, wine, a dinner invitation, and got to partake in an awesome slip n slide front yard extravaganza with some seriously cute kids.

So, one week. New city. New house. New job. New friends. New neighbors. New responsibilities. Between the nine hour days of online training modules and nightly social commitments, I’ve barely unpacked anything. Perhaps I’ll get it done before residency ends.

Anyhow, what’s most alarming is that we haven’t actually started yet. This is going to be a prolonged season of dependence on grace and embracing humility.

Mad props to those of you who survive residency while being parents or becoming parents. Two of my plants are already barely alive.


God, I cannot possibly do this, so please walk with me and fill in the gaps. Thank you for this beautiful place to live. Help me to use it to welcome those who feel unwelcomed elsewhere. Help me to be mindful of what is significant when my mind and energy level have maxed out. 

One thought on “day 7

  1. You have such a wonderful way with words. I was so excited to see a new blog. This line really stuck out to me “dependence on grace and embracing humility.” That will be part of my prayer for you. Please keep blogging!


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